Triantafyllo Tai Chi Chuan

Glyfada, Keramikos

Yang Style

Member of the Tai chi chuan and Chi gong Federation for Europe (

1. A few words about tai chi chuan

Tai chi chuan is an ancient traditional but unrivalled Chinese defensive martial art. It is powerful though gentle in character. Hundreds of books have been written about the "art of the superior limit"*. Its depth and wealth are inexhaustible.

Beyond its capacity to promote the practitioner's defensive skills, tai chi chuan also permits them to make tremendous progress in their abilities of concentration, balance and relaxation.

Because of the actual and conscious comprehension of yin yang principles, tai chi chuan is an outstanding art solidly advancing the natural resources of physical and vital energy of the human being.

The calmness and inner strength promoted through tai chi chuan practice are valuable assets for people who respect and love their body and spiritual health.

Yoryios Petrounias


* Or "grand ultimate fist": this term is often used in English texts in order to translate "tai chi chuan".

2. Teacher Yoryios Petrounias

Since 1993, he practices tai chi chuan with Anya Meot, senior student of master Tung Kai Ying. Since 1994, he also practices with Tung Kai Ying.

His long professional experience in classical and contemporary dance (1982 to 1997) and his unremitting study of tai chi chuan have enabled him to achieve a deep understanding of this martial art.

In 1998, the French Federation of Tai chi chuan and Chi gong (later renamed French Federation of Energetic and Martial Arts) awarded him the diploma in teaching tai chi chuan (recognized by the French ministry of sports).

In 2000, he won the silver medal in "Fixed steps tuishou" (pushing hands) at the tai chi chuan national championship of France.

In 1996, at Anya Meot's suggestion, he started teaching tai chi chuan in Paris and he continued his courses until he returned to Greece in 2001. Since 2004, following the personal recommendation of master Tung Kai Ying and Anya Meot he teaches in Athens, Greece.

3. Course of studies

Slow set of Yang tai chi chuan / Yang tai chi chuan

Fast set of Yang tai chi chuan / Kwai chuan

Martial explications and applications of tai chi chuan

Pushing hands / Tuishou

Three steps / Sanpu

Four corners / Talu

Two person's combinations of tai chi chuan / Sanshou

Tai chi gong / Hu Ling tai chi gong

Tung's family slow and fast sets of tai chi chuan / Ying Chieh kwai chuan

Knife Yang / Tao

Long knife Yang / Chang tao

Two sticks / Shuang kun

Sword / Chian

Lance / Chiang

Open-close form of Hao style / Kai he